Sunday, November 27, 2011

Creative Writing Workshop—Kuching! 17 December 2011

Are you serious about writing?
Are you up to the challenge?

Turn your Personal Experiences into 
Published Articles
ROBERT RAYMER takes you through the brainstorming 
and the writing process to produce a complete first draft, 
if you're up to the challenge!

Take the Fear out of writing and replace it with Fun!


When:  Saturday, 17 December
Time 9.00-12.00 or 2.00-5.00pm
(one session/two-time slots)  
*register 8.30/1.30

Cost:  RM120 adults/
          RM90 students
(full-time), above age 14
Who:  14-70+ years old, plus your
friends and relatives
WhereKuching, Open University Malaysia, Sarawak Learning Centre, 9 1/2 Mile, Kuching-Serian Road
Next:  Email your name, contact phone number, email address, and your preference morning or afternoon session to  

Not Sure?
Why not treat yourself or a relative to an early Christmas present or get a head start on your  
New Year Resolutions!

Areas of learning:  pre-writing techniques, probing questions; 5Ws and IH; primary and secondary emotions; sensory details; narrative structure; organising and outlining; four killers of narratives; and some valid reasons for editing-it's not just about grammar!

Writing tips: Links to Robert’s article in The Writer on pre-writing techniques, (click, right click, view and zoom to read) and the expanded version in Quill Annual 2011 , “Judging Tips” , "The Power of Five",  "Writer Envy-Get Some Editing", “Tree Methodology” and “Prove Them Wrong!"
Challenge: Start and complete the first draft of your narrative in the workshop and have a final draft before the New Year to start your New Year in a new direction!
      Workshop Bonus: Plan and start an additional piece of fiction.
       Help your friends and relatives find out about the workshop by sending them this link! Thanks!

Bonus New Year Tip: A fun way to raise your self esteem and build your confidence for the New Year! And Leap for Success in the upcoming Leap Year.
Bio: Named as one of the “50 Expats You Should Know” by Expatriate Lifestyle, American Robert Raymer has taught creative writing for 13 years at two Malaysian universities, has judged short story competitions including the 2009 MPH National Short Story Awards, published over 500 short stories and articles, and conducted numerous workshops on creative writing.
He is the author of Spirit of Malaysia, Tropical Affairs: Episodes from an Expat's Life in Malaysia and Lovers and Strangers Revisited, winner of 2009 Popular-The Star Readers Choice Awards, taught in universities and translated into French.

Robert’s interviews and book reviews can be found on his blog

* Comments from recent workshop participants (below article) and a link to the actual workshop in Kuching,

**Announcement latest workshops:  Writing Your Life Stories Workshop—Kuching! 23 June 2012 (with links to other workshops and writing tips!) and also a workshop KK on 17 June 2012!

***If you are interested to bring my workshops to other organizations or associations in Sabah/Sarawak/West Malaysia/Singapore/Brunei for 2012 please contact me at  Thank you!

Here are links to some of my author-to-author interviews of first novelists:

Ivy Ngeow author of Cry of the Flying Rhino, winner of the 2016 Proverse Prize.

Golda Mowe author of Iban Dream and Iban Journey.

Preeta Samarasan author of Evening is the Whole Day

Chuah Guat Eng,  author of Echoes of Silence and Days of Change. 


Beheaded on Road to Nationhood: Sarawak Reclaimed—Part I 


Sheila Khoo said...

I'm sure the participants will get to enjoy the session Robert like I did! Wish I could join...but may probably be away. All the best~

Sheila Khoo

Borneo Expat Writer said...

Thanks Sheila! I know this is short notice, but let your friends and colleagues know. All the best!

sintaicharles said...

I'd like to come . Hopeflly the air ticket to Kuching is not too expensive. By the way, any hotel in the vicinity of Open University Sarawak learning area?

Borneo Expat Writer said...

I just sent you an email about some hotels and an alternative plan. Hope to see you in Kuching.

sintaicharles said...

I have just bought the ticket. See you.

Borneo Expat Writer said...

Great! From Miri to KK and now to Kuching!

JoLuvJpN said...

I really want to attend the workshop but I'm currently in the states right now. Will look out for future workshops when I'm back in Kuching. I will help spread the news!

Borneo Expat Writer said...

Thanks! Enjoy your trip! It's been a while since I was last back at home.

Indhuleka said...

I would really love to come, but I had my plans booked for the weekend 2 weeks ago! Do drop me an email if you're heading to KL. I'm gonna be right here waiting for it! :)

Borneo Expat Writer said...

Ok, will do!

clare richard said...

hello :) will there be any more workshop in Kuching or KK sometime during June 2012 onwards? I know its too early but just in case you already have some workshops planned in advance. do let me know, tq! :)

Borneo Expat Writer said...

Clare, hi, thanks for your interest. Yes, I plan to do more, but so far I haven't scheduled any for 2012. Been busy rewriting some novels for The Amazon contest. Yes, by all mean I'll let you know! All the best.

Borneo Expat Writer said...

Hi,I have to postpone my Kuching Writing Your Life Stories workshop to 23 June. Also we're having a different workshop in KK on the 17th.

Borneo Expat Writer said...

I posted this on my website,blog and facebook, but not sure if you know about my upcoming Writing For Your Life Workshop in Kuching on 23 June? Originally it was to be in April, so I may have overlooked contacting you!