Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Being Interviewed by author Ivy Ngeow

It’s always an honor to be interviewed, even more so when the writer doing the interviewing, is London-based author Ivy Ngeow, who will have her first two novels published in 2017!  Not bad for someone I met thirty years ago at a workshop in Kuala Lumpur when she was only 17!  

I met Ivy together with an aspiring poet, named Jeya, and the three of us hung out together that first day of the two-day workshop conducted by noted Malaysian author K.S. Maniam.  Jeya, by the way, featured in my short story, “Teh-O in K.L.” from Lovers and Strangers Revisited, which I blogged about in my story-behind-the-story series. So I have always associated the two names together, Ivy and Jeya, which I did 17 years later, when I happened to choose a story by Ivy for Silverfish 4 when I was the editor.

Having read the stories blind and then notifying the winners, I was surprised to learn that this writer from the UK named Ivy was the same Ivy from Johor that I had met all those years ago.  Ivy even mentioned Jeya’s name—both, of course, had read the story.

Having read the advanced copy of one of Ivy’s forthcoming novels, Cry of the Flying Rhino, winner of the 2016 Proverse Prize, for her Proverse Hong Kong publisher, I’ll soon be returning the favor by interviewing her, which should be a lot of fun getting reacquainted after all these years and learning about that other soon-to-be-published novel, Heart of Glass!

But for now, here is Ivy’s interview of me...

Being interviewed, I can’t help but think of being interviewed about Somerset Maugham for the Franco-German cultural channel Arte, which aired last month, that I blogged about in my five-part Maugham and Me series. 

Here’s to future interviews for both Ivy and me and all those writers, Malaysians and expats alike, who deserve to be read, published, and interviewed.

Congrats to Ivy for her two forthcoming novels!  Wishing her all the best!

—Borneo Expat Writer

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