Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Congrats to winners of 2011 Popular-The Star Readers’ Choice Awards

I’m a bit late on the news—I think it’s been out about a month now, but congrats to Lee Su Kim for winning the 2011 Popular-The Star Readers’ Choice Awards for fiction with Kebaya Tales, Amir Muhammad for coming in second with Rojak: Bite-Sized Stories, and third, Malaysia-born Singaporean Christine Lim Suchen’s historical fiction A Bit Of Earth.

For non-fiction, the winners were Chan King Nui’s From Poor Migrant To Millionaire, Tina Kisil’s Footprints In The Paddy Field (2010), and Jasmine Yow’s Behind That Shiny Resume.  I’ll be seeing Tina this Saturday (22 October) when she attends my creative writing workshop in Kota Kinabalu, so I’ll be able to congratulate her in person!  



Last year, I did manage to attend the 2010 awards when my book Tropical Affairs was nominated.  Although the book didn’t win (I did win in 2009 for Lovers and Strangers Revisited!), I had a good time meeting with fellow writers Lydia Teh, Khoo Guat Choo, Peggy Tan; and also Christina Chan and the students from SMK (p) Sri Aman, Petaling Jeya, who were adapting my short story “Neighbours” (which I just blogged about yesterday for being used as an assignment in a TESL Masters program ) into a play.

Here are links to some of my author-to-author interviews of first novelists:

Ivy Ngeow author of Cry of the Flying Rhino, winner of the 2016 Proverse Prize.

Golda Mowe author of Iban Dream and Iban Journey.

Preeta Samarasan author of Evening is the Whole Day

Chuah Guat Eng,  author of Echoes of Silence and Days of Change. 


Beheaded on Road to Nationhood: Sarawak Reclaimed—Part I 

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