Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lovers and Strangers Revisited, off to a good start for 2011

Lovers and Strangers Revisited is off to a good start for 2011. The French publisher that’s interested in translating the collection into French just contacted me after reading all seventeen stories and now they are about to undergo negotiations with MPH, the Malaysian publisher.  They are also interested in using the same cover, if they are able, too.  Since the French translation will make the book fatter by 10-20%, they may need to cut a story or two to keep it in the range of 220-240 pages.  My fingers are crossed!

Then last week, two days before the end of the year, The Writer (US) expressed an interest in publishing “On Friday: The Story Behind the Story” for their Writers at Work series for a two-page spread when an opening comes up.  I’ll need to expand the original blog by adding some stuff that I left out, like how it was translated into Japanese by Plaza back in 1992, and how it’s going to be translated into French (assuming everything goes according to plan), plus I need to tailor it more toward their Writers at Work series.  They sent me a sample.

*Update, the 20th anniversary of Lovers and Strangers Revisited
**Here the link to my website, to MPH online for orders for all three of my books, including my latest, Spirit of Malaysia and for Trois autres Malaisie.

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