Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tropical Affairs: Last Tango and Farewell to a Tango Dancer

Robert Raymer and Joelle dancing the tango at Runnymede

Robert Raymer and Angela Clark

Modeling at Equatorial Hotel, Robert Raymer and Anni Nordmann, 2nd and 3rd from left

Joelle, Robert, Anni

If expats are good at one thing it’s saying goodbye because we do it so often – to those expats leaving and to those staying behind. Expats come in two types: those who come to a country for a year or two before moving onto the next country, and those who come to one country and stay put. Anni Nordmann was both. She had been an expat in eight countries – South Africa, Zimbabwe, Switzerland, Gabon, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Singapore – before arriving in Penang, Malaysia where she ended up staying for sixteen years.
After being away from the United States for 28 years, she’s finally returning home. Like other long-stayers-in-one-country expats like myself, I was wondering, how do you say goodbye to a fellow expat whom you thought would never leave?
               -excerpt from Farewell to a Tango Dancer, Tropical Affairs: Episodes of an Expat's Life in Malaysia

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