Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Robert Raymer on Wikipedia!

Wikipedia has just accepted my profile!  Always wanted to end up in an encyclopedia someday. . . . This was first proposed by Jerome Bouchaud, the French translator of Trois autres Malaisie,  during our meeting in Kuching.  Initially, I thought it was a great idea, but then  later, when Jerome sent me a mock profile, I was slow to respond.  Had some self doubts.  Perhaps I was just waiting for Trois autres Malaisie to finally come out.

*Update: Here's a link to the intro and excerptsto four reviews of Trois Autres Malaisie in eurasie.net, Malaisie.org, easyvoyage.com, and Petit Futé mag, and also to order a copy or recommend it to your friends, especially those who would like to know more about Malaysia or have an interest in Southeast Asia.

Jerome, who has access to the inner workings of Wikipedia (there are certain steps you need to follow to get yourself and what you post approved), will now translate this into French.  The profile, for the time being, is considered an “orphan” since there only a few Wikipedia links to it, such Living People, the Year of my Birth, American Writers, and Miami University Alumni, but hey, it's a start.

Still it feels cool knowing that it is there and that it’s been approved by Wikipedia.  This was something I learned from Joel Roberts:  Own Your Credentials.  Sure, others have accomplished way more than I ever will, but then, you never know what will happen in the next twenty years.  I feel like I'm just waiting to break out; have felt it for years.  The potential has always been there.  Just need to keep at it; keep knocking on doors, keep writing, keep publishing more books. 

For those who would like to get their hands on a copy of Trois autres Malaisie, please go to this site.   Or if you’re interested in the English versions of my other three books, then try here.  Thanks for checking me out on Wikipedia.  No doubt I’ll be soon seeing you there, too, if you’re not there already.  Who knows what the future holds for us…

Here's a link to my article "Getting Known Through the Media"
              --Borneo Expat Writer 

Here are links to some of my author-to-author interviews of first novelists:

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Feeza Ashruff said...

Hi Sir,
Congratulations for being on Wikipedia!
I am one of your big fan and i own 2 of your books Strangers and Lovers Revisited and as well as Tropical Affairs. Thank you for sharing your valuable experiences. Am looking forward to reading more of your writings. :D

Borneo Expat Writer said...

Hi Feeza and thanks! If you're keen on writing or know someone who is, you might find the blog series The story behind the story about each of the short stories in LSR enlightening. http://thestorybehindthestoryoflsr.blogspot.com/
All the best

Feeza Ashruff said...

Al my life i've only wrote 1 short story (a proper one for my creative writing class) and i hope to write more.. also a few poems.
Thank you for the link I will definitely check it out! :D

Borneo Expat Writer said...

A creative writing class is a good place to start. You get a foundation to build upon. Good luck!