Sunday, June 19, 2011

“Home for Hari Raya” finds a home in Turkey

I know it’s two months early for Hari Raya here in Malaysia, but my short story “Home for Hari Raya” from Lovers and Strangers Revisited (MPH 2008) has just been published in Istanbul Literary Review, the book’s 80th short story publication. Turkey has become the twelfth country that one of the stories from this collection has now appeared.

Of course, come August that number will take a spike when Lovers and Strangers Revisited gets published as Trois autres Malaisie by French publisher Éditions GOPE.  The collection will then appear in about a half dozen countries, several in Europe will be new.  That number will steadily grow as the stories  reach other French speaking countries, or countries that have a large French speaking population to warrant either a French bookstore or a French section of a bookstore like the one in Singapore that has already pre-ordered the book as I blogged about earlier this month in gearing up for the French

Now that the translation has been completed by Jerome Bouchaud, author of Malaisie - Modernité et Traditions en Asie du Sud-Est, whom I met recently in Kuching, the publisher has begun the editing process.  They’re also comparing the translation with the original, and that brings me back involved in the process.  Initially, I revised all of the stories before passing them along for the translation, and now I’m answering questions about the English text to ensure the accuracy of the translation.  For example, I had to clarify in “Mat Salleh” if the “outhouse” that I mentioned in back of the kampong house was in fact a toilet or a wooden shed.

After reading  "Home for Hari Raya", here’s the storybehind the story.   Wishing all those who celebrate Hari Raya, a two-month early Selamat Hari Raya!  By the time Hari Raya does come, those who read French can read the story in French for a fascinating cross-cultural experience.

Update: Now "Home for Hari Raya" is being adapted into a film by Ohio University.

 *Here’s the link to the French blog for Trois autres Malaisie.

**Update, the 20th anniversary of Lovers and Strangers Revisited

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