Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cross-Cultural Education

Recently I found on-line links to two of my old articles, both dealing with cross cultural issues.  One is “When Tastes Collide” from the My Story section of Readers Digest Australia, April 2007.  This was reprinted from the international Reader’s Digest April 2004.  Originally the article appeared New Strait Times back in 1992, a very early version of “Cross-Cultural Dinner” now in Tropical Affairs, about cooking spaghetti for my former mother-in-law, who spoke no English.  I sure got an education that day!

The second article, “How to Choose a College in the US after GRE”, also originally published in the NST in 1993 from the days I was coordinator of the Penang branch of MACEE (Malaysian-American Commission of Educational Exchange).  Most students whom I was advising were clueless about how to go about choosing a college in the US (we have far too many to choose from and US is a huge country) so I thought this would be of great help to them.  In fact, I made it a standard handout for each student who came through our doors.  

This article has been reprinted numerous times on various websites and blogs and as a “guest” on RxPG back in 2006, even though I was totally unaware of it.  At least they gave me full credit.  Other places just took it and posted it as if they wrote it themselves!  I'm sure their heart was in the right place: they were trying to help students get a clearer picture of the whole studying in the USA process, including taking those dreaded GRE exams.

In additional to these I’ve found about a dozen other NST articles scanned from the original newspaper from the early to mid-90’s, the original versions of those found in Tropical Affairs.  Back then, I was onto something and was pumping them out with regularly right up until I began to teach writing at USM.  After that, I mostly concentrated on writing novels whenever I wasn’t backed up marking writing assignments.  

I admit I felt weird when I first came across all those NST articles, like a trip down memory lane, including some about my son Zaini when he was just a toddler.  Now he is turning twenty this year.  Where has the time gone? 

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